Awards to the Wise

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Remember that mountain you've always wanted to climb? Tempera will not only get it to come to you but it will also provide hiking equipment and if needed will actually climb the mountain for you.

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Awards to the Wise provides custom design and production with unbeatable service. We are proud to serve the Silicon Valley Community with friendly, dedicated excellence.

Crystal Awards

Please browse our fly-out pages listed under Corporate/Crystal to find the perfect fit for your presentation. Beautiful and impressive, crystal pieces come in many shapes and sizes. All come with a proofing service so you are certain to be proud of your presentation. They can be laser engraved, sandblasted, have spot color added, or have plates of various materials added to personalize your award.

Acrylic Awards

Please look through our fly-out pages listed under Corporate/Acrylics for the perfect piece for your deserving recipient. Acrylic desk awards are available in many interesting shapes and beautiful colors. Your award will be laser engraved with your personal message and with the proper art file we can add your company, school or club logo or a graphic that represents your sport or event.

Glass Awards

While often less expensive than crystal, glass awards can be quite elegant and can be engraved with your logo along with your message. Please explore the price category pages listed under Corporate/Glass.


There are hundreds of ways to create a trophy that will match the budget you have in mind for your special player, team, league, family reunion or fun office event. We can include your team, league or company logo, or use a graphic that will add to your unique trophy design. Our trophy pages are listed under Sports.

Sports Resins

Listed under Sports, resins are available in baseball, softball, basketball, bowling, cheer, football, graduate, golf, hockey, lacrosse, lamp of knowledge, martial arts, racing flags, soccer, swim, tennis, track, volleyball, the victory torch, music and the arts, even darts and billiards! All resins come with an engraving plate to personalize your award. We can include with your text a logo or graphic that represents your sport or event.


We provide common ADA compliant public signs; plastic signs laser engraved and cut to order; name badges designed to your specifications including your logo; monuments for permanent outdoor installations; laser engraving on wood, stone, laptops; and industrial marking.


There are many options available when creating a plaque. Please see our plaque pages under corporate and sports for samples and suggestions.

Paperweights and Gifts for Teachers

For all your paperweight and gifting needs for teachers! Coming soon!


A timeless, thoughtful, beautiful and yet practical gift, desk clocks are always much appreciated. Please look through our selection of clocks and let us know if we can provide the perfect gift for your event.

Let us help you with all your recognition needs. Please contact us: Or give us a call: 408 263-5762.

Thank you for considering Awards to the Wise. Please invest some time discovering all we have to offer through this web site, or visit us at our showroom: 1603 So. Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035 MWF 9-5:00 TTH 10-6:00